Vemag Robby 2

Vemag Robby 2

Data form:
Article-Nr 182464
Indication Robby 2
Producer Vemag
Year of construction
Weight (kg) 0
Dimensions (l/h/w) (mm)
Price net please ask (it depends on the remaining value)

Vacuum filling machine Vemag Robby-2, filling, portioning, linking, PC-III Control, with loading device and linking device, filling performance: depending on the goods up to 3000 kg/h, portioning weight: 5-60000 g, variable adjustable in steps from 0.1 g or 1 g, portioning speed: (depeding on product, casing and portioning size) up to 650 portions per min, speed of rotation: 0-100%, variable adjustable, linking: 0-10, variable adjustable.


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